Comac invites European left wing youths for the international climate camp ‘Red Is The New Green’

The summer of 2018 was the hottest ever recorded. An unprecedented global heat wave caused droughts, floods and wildfires all over the northern hemisphere. Hundreds of people died in Japan and Europa. At a time that the far right government of the most powerful nation in the world openly questions the existence of man-made climate change, the ever increasing amount of climate disasters seems to be succeeding in what tons of scientific evidence should have been able to do much earlier: take away all doubts about the reality of climate change, spurred by the climate sceptic corporate propaganda of Donald Trump and his likes. ‘Was this the heatwave that finally ended climate denial?’ rhetorically asked British journalist Michael McCarthy in The Guardian.[1]

Mankind’s natural habitat is threatened on multiple levels, but climate change has become the pivotal issue that illustrates the way our economic system is destroying our ecological surroundings. Already to this day, climate change has taken many thousands of innocent lives. Innocent, because those that bear the murderous consequences of climate deregulation are not the same people who are responsible for it. While 71% of all greenhouse gases between 1988 and 2015 were emitted by only 100 multinational companies[2], it is mostly the poor who suffer from the natural disasters and food or water scarcities caused by climate change. Therefore, the struggle against climate change is not just an environmental issue, it’s a social struggle with direct implications for the lives of ordinary people all over the world. And above all, it is an issue that forces us to question the very economic system that we live in, since a zero carbon society is irreconcilable with the growth imperative of free market capitalism, of which Karl Marx famously said “Accumulate, accumulate! This is Moses and the Prophets!”[3]. Or as Naomi Klein puts it: “Our economic system and our planetary system are now at war. Or, more accurately, our economy is at war with many forms of life on earth, including human life. What the climate needs to avoid collapse is a contraction in humanity’s use of resources; what our economic model demands to avoid collapse is unfettered expansion. Only one of these sets of rules can be changed, and it’s not the laws of nature.”[4]

It is only by the mass action of working and young people that the capitalist system and all its brutal social and environmental consequences can be fought. That is why the climate movement must come to realize that their goals can only be attained by working together with the working classes against corporate power. On the other hand, the workers movement must come to realize that without swift action against climate change, the very planet we work and live on will no longer be safe for us. As a Marxist student movement, Comac is active in both the workers movement and the climate movement and sees it as its role to bring the two closer together in a joint struggle against capitalism. This is the meaning behind our slogan ‘Red Is The New Green’.  For example, in November 2017 Comac took 300 Belgian students to Bonn, Germany, for the manifestation during the COP23. These students put forth “change the system not the climate” as the slogan for their action.

On December 3rd 2018 the COP24 will begin in Katowice, Poland. As a way to put pressure on these negotiations, a large demonstration against climate change will be organized in Brussels on Sunday the 2nd of December. The demonstration is organized by a Belgian platform of activists called and focusses on climate and social justice. In order to allow young people of all over Europe to participate in this demonstration, Comac hosts a climate camp called ‘Red Is The New Green’ for international protesters on Saturday and Sunday December 1-2. Comac gladly offers sleeping accommodation and a program full of interesting workshops, debates and meetings. We specifically contacted other European left wing youth movements so that they can mobilize young people in their country for this climate camp.

All participants for the climate camp have to register. The price for the entire weekend is €30 (meals and sleeping accommodation included). For more information about the program and how to register, please contact us at


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[3] Karl Marx, The Capital Book I, Chapter 24

[4] Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, 2015, p.21

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